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We are people-focused

Enliven maximises the independence of older people and those living with disabilities or injuries. Our home support and community services enable people to live in their own homes, stay healthy and engage socially with others.

Our approach

We will tailor our services to make sure they are right for you and will maximise your independence. Once Enliven receives your referral, an Enliven service coordinator will contact you to arrange a visit to you.

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We promise to…..

  • Provide high-quality support
  • Help you set goals and develop a support plan to achieve those goals
  • Provide support workers who are well-trained and supervised
  • Treat your personal information confidentially

If you’re coping with disability or injury, or just getting older, we provide high-quality support to meet your unique needs and goals, and help you to live independently in your home.

Enliven provides home support for people with disabilities, no matter how old they are and what level of care they require. We’re here to help you find the right support.

Individualised funding (IF) is a way of paying for disability support services. It allows you to organise your own support in the way that works best for you.

Have you been injured and need some support? Whether you’re facing a long or short recovery time, we’re here to help you get on with life.

Do you have a loved one living with dementia? Caring for someone with dementia isn’t easy for you or them. Enliven can help you in your role as a carer.

Enliven northern day programme social groups

Is one of our community programmes right for you? Are you an older person who wants to stay in touch with people and do interesting things?

child with long term illness with support from Enliven

Living with a chronic condition is not easy but we want to make life a little easier for you. We are here to work alongside you.

son caring for elderly mum

Caring for someone with a disability takes time and energy – our respite care service will give you a break and provide a positive experience for the disabled person.

Need help moving back home after a rest home or hospital stay? We can support you to live confidently and independently in your own home again.

Coping on your own again after being in hospital isn’t easy when you’re already living with the challenges of ageing, injury or disability. We’re here to help you.

Read how we've helped Betty’s story

Betty had an Enliven support worker who helped her manage life on her own. When Marlene took on a six-week walking challenge, she encouraged Betty to give it a go too by counting her steps every day.

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