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Enliven ACC Brochure

Maximise your independence with Enliven.

November 9, 2015

Enliven Day Programmes

Is one of our community based-programmes right for you?

Enliven Disabilities Brochure

Supporting people with disabilities.

Women’s Circle

The Women’s Circle is a community day programme for women with younger onset dementia.

Enliven Pool Programme

We provide an individualised programme which supports each client to achieve their personal goals, promoting a sense of well being.

Fact Sheet – Working with others

We partner with other experienced, passionate and specialist groups in joint projects that acknowledge cultural diversity, enhance lives and strengthen communities.

October 20, 2015

Fact Sheet – Measuring Outcomes

How we know we’re making a difference.

Fact Sheet – Presbyterian Support Northern

A better life for everyone.

Annual Report Calendar 2015

Investing in your community.

Northern Notes – Autumn 2015

“Family Works was willing to listen and give help.”

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