Do you have a loved one living with dementia?

Caring for someone with dementia is not easy. Enliven can support you in your role as a carer. Our dementia-focused day programmes provide a place where those living with dementia can engage with other people and enjoy activities that help  maximise their independence.

Our dementia-focused day programmes activities include:

  • gardening
  • exercise, including walking and tai chi
  • cooking and meal preparation
  • outings to places of interest in your community
  • music and dance
  • singing
  • games and activities
  • stimulating conversation and company.

Where to start:

  • Contact an Enliven site listed below to find out which programme is right for you or your family member.
  • Some programmes may require a referral from a health provider.

“You feel as if life is passing you by unless you can be part of something. This is a great group to be part of.”

This service is available at:

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