March 25, 2024
What to do after a diagnosis of dementia

What to do after a diagnosis of dementia

Being diagnosed with dementia can be frightening, and is usually coupled with the question ‘What now?’

Often the first piece of advice you receive is to “get your affairs in order”, but this is not the time to be doing this. Dementia is usually a gradual process that gives you plenty of time and opportunity to do those things. Now is the time to gather as much information as you can, as well as do things that make you smile and laugh.

Don’t rush at changing things or doing things differently – you are the same person that you were yesterday, the only difference today is that you have a diagnosis. Allow yourself time to get used to the diagnosis and find out as much as you can about it.                  Focusing on ‘living your life’ is so important but can get pushed to the sidelines as you start to wonder about the future. Equally important is finding out about your particular type of dementia. Many information sources are broad brush-strokes and talk about typical journeys, but I have yet to meet anyone that fits the ‘typical journey’ as we are all individual and respond to having dementia in our own way. It’s also important to seek out someone who will see ‘you’ and not just your diagnosis – you are not your diagnosis, you are you.

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