Mya’s story

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November 26, 2015
Mya’s story

Standing on her own two feet

Mya was a premature baby who experienced brain damage at birth, resulting in cerebral palsy and mild seizures. Read Mya’s update here.

Mya 450 x 253

Differently able

Mya is matter-of-fact about her disabilities, the result of brain damage at birth. “I have cerebral palsy and sometimes I have seizures,” she says. Like many little girls her age, Mya loves singing, drama and drawing. She has trouble with motor skills, coordination and balance but her speech is fine and she attends her local primary school, using leg splints or a walker to get around.

Extra help

Mya has been receiving support from Enliven Maximising Independence services for several years. An Enliven support worker visits her at home four times a week to help with personal care and, if there’s time, play games.

Growing independence

Enliven’s support is encouraging Mya to become more independent and learn new skills. It also makes life easier for her mother Natashia, who works fulltime, as well as managing the home for Mya and her older sister. “It’s a huge help for me too. I’m more relaxed and there’s more time for other things,” she says.

“Mya wants to do more on her own now and there’s been a big improvement in what she can do.”