August 9, 2018
Mya’s Story: Walking Towards Her Dreams

Mya’s Story:  Walking Towards Her Dreams

Thirteen-year-old Mya was born with cerebral palsy. Her doctors thought she’d never walk on her own. Read the original story here.

But last year the bright and spirited girl amazed everyone when she ditched her walker. Now she can stand straight and move independently using only her leg splints. Mum is very proud of her achievement. “She’s a very determined and persistent girl!”

Mya’s boundless enthusiasm makes her shine in school too where she loves to sing in the choir, participate in drama and bowling, and– despite being unable to move her right hand– to sew and bake. She comes up with creative hairstyles and fixes her own hair with some help.

“I’d like to become a hairdresser someday,” she says. 

Although Mya’s no longer reliant on a walker or wheelchair, she’s unable to walk for long periods of time and still struggles with her balance and motor skills. She gets tired quickly and feels exhausted after a full day at school.

Enliven carer Natasha visits Mya daily to help her unwind when she comes home. She helps remove Mya’s leg splints, and helps her to bathe and dress. Natasha has been Mya’s Enliven carer since Mya was four. The two have now formed a strong bond.

Mum, who has an elder daughter and works full-time says, “Natasha’s help is extremely valuable to us. She’s great with Mya. We’re so grateful to have her.”

With her family’s support and Natasha’s assistance, Mya continues to blossom into a strong, independent young lady who’s capable of achieving what her heart sets out to do.